The program is intended for facilitation of a transactions of the Web-masters of acceleration of their activity and improving of quality created CSS of a code. The program name bears in itself two main operations and pieces of foreign exchange Easy and Neatly. Easy - Means a simple compact code of cascade styles optimized for a loading browser of the user. Neatly - Means a code, extended and taken apart in semantic group. Any code is sorted, altitude of the letters is formatted. Our program follows the standards and knows the standards - CSS Level 1 and CSS Level 2. Makes two transformations - Reduction and Deployment CSS of a code. Creates a backup copy of the document CSS. Is integrated in the context-menu of WindowsTM Explorer. Formats of color #RRGGBB and standard names of colors Red, Green, and Blue. Will transform to a lowercase names of selectors and their properties. Sorts properties of selectors in the alphabetic order. This version is the first release on CNET
License Free
File Size 270.64 kB
Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows NT Windows XP Windows Me Windows 98