George Takei's Oh Myyy-ojis

Oh Myyy! The official George Takei Oh Myyy-ojis (90+ stickers) will beam up your messaging game to the next level with a free sticker pack (20+ FREE stickers!) and premium packs available via in-app purchase. This official collection of George Takei stickers gives you access to a full range of George's expressions and popular sayings for use in your everyday, previously Takei-less, conversations. FREE PACK Use George to express some of your most common everyday feelings. We're offering a handful of free stickers and plan to add more soon. PREMIUM PACKS You can enable additional premium George Takei stickers via in-app purchase, including extra hilarious stickers, outrageous George-isms, and fun themed content. iMESSSAGE APP Got iOS 10? Use Oh Myyy-ojis right in iMessage by enabling the iMessage app. Check out the install instructions by tapping the '?' button. KEYBOARD APP Want to send George outside of iMessage? Enable the custom keyboard! See install tips by tapping the '?' button. Note: despite the generic and alarming 'Full Access' warning, this app does NOT collect any sensitive personal information such as credit cards or passwords. THIS APP DOES NOT COLLECT SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFO PRIVACY NOTICE / FULL ACCESS iOS requires that custom keyboards (e.g., emoji/sticker keyboards) have "FULL ACCESS" enabled. This app absolutely does NOT collect any personal information such as credit cards and passwords, and it does not log key strokes should you type something. Your privacy is extremely important to us: HELP & SUPPORT Need help? Installation instructions are accessible in the main app via the '?' button. Additional help and FAQs can be found here: PRIVACY POLICY
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.