jehovahs witnesess

Watchtower Jehovah's witnesses. A organization.Now on your phone have it all -storys,mp3,from awake-web pages,all in one,jw-linksgps-kingdom hall + local halls for your area sorry some are not up for they have not put there address up on gps yet so i will personal go get them or if you no of one pls email me there address>>I made this for the fact that people think you have to go to church to be part of god well that's wrong'' Were ever you are,home,work,church u will have it all at your finger tips.learn,study your self dnt like door knocking "no more we are here with all the info u want!You can change,you can have a better life just read,lesson,believe you will see life will become so much easy,ps i am not a jw- i made this for people who are lost-and for the organization for i no a lot of brothers & sisters from Sydney,I think everyone has the right to be who they want to be with out fake hypercritical preachers in our our ears..By craze apps, 4 ur faith,Recent changes:_tiwtter has been removed for there is to many lost negative people on there wich we do not need in our lives....-more local Jehovah witnesses halls for when your near bye..-mp3 story's sorry there is a problem with the downloads pls bare with us"I will leave these best storys from awake that I have pick's & I will pick the next best story's I think that are good for this month in your life ahead.....- I no some say copy right but i don't make money for this I am just spreading the wordContent rating: Low Maturity
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