Best 16-Key Typing

The 16-key introduced here is as fast as the computer typing under two-hand striking on smarthpones, and has an affordable speed under one-hand striking on tablet. You can directly edit the keys arrangement to create your own version, which can be distributed with your name carved. Method to input a letter, as of 1st way: First letters : 1 strike the key; Second letters : double-click the key; To change to upper case : 1 strike [alt] key. Features: 1. Vowels are separately located on the right. 2. 'blank', usable instead of 'Space', is included inside 16 keys. 3. More frequent letters are located first. Over 85% frequencies of letters are located at first places. 4.It is designed to be optimum under double-hand striking. 5.It is convenient to input frequent combinations of letters - th, sh, nd, nt, an, er, tion. 6.can quickly change small case to upper case by [alt] key.
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