Hardlight Interactive Tango

Tango is generally a vocabulary flashcard program designed to run on Java-enabled mobile phones. It creates a set of "cards" which the user must learn. Tango is a MIDP1.0 compatible application designed to run on any J2ME-compatible mobile phone. Optimised for Japanese language learning, it will display Hiragana and Katakana on any phone that can run Tango. Will display Kanji if a suitable font exists on your phone. Load your own vocabulary. Tango uses the popular KVTML format for its vocabulary content, which means that you can use existing content and you can create your own. Tango is not limited to Japanese and will work for most languages. Note: Trial version allows only 100 English-Japanese pairs that cannot be altered.
LicenseFree to try
File Size32.07 kB
Operating System Mobile Symbian
System RequirementsJava 2 Platform Micro Edition