Blue Chatroom

Have you ever needed to chat with strangers around you when you are shopping at a mall? It is now possible by Bluechat. Bluechat allows you to chat with people around you via Bluetooth. To overcome limitations of short range of Bluetooth, Bluechat forms a network between Bluetooth nodes to route messages. Because of this routing protocol, even Bluetooth nodes that can not communicate directly are able to send and receive messages to each other. As a result, you will chat with not only people within the maximum range of Bluetooth but also with people that might be hundreds meters away. It is your chance to have more BlueChat nodes around so that you can chat with more people far away from you. To simplify usage, on Bluechat there is one big chatroom that anyone can join. Since Bluechat is using Bluetooth sending a message has no cost.
File Size185.49 kB
Operating System Symbian Mobile
System RequirementsSymbian, Java Runtime Environment