Posting to WebLogs can be very tiresome. You must launch you favorite browser, log into your account, select your blog, type the content into some cabalistic HTML UI and then pray to the Gods of Javascript that everything goes okay... it shoudn't be like that.With BlogWorks you can relax. Just launch the application and fill out your details in the preference drawer (needed only once) and BlogWorks will be ready to post to your weblogs. Select the blog you want to use from the popup above the text input area, type in your message and press post... thats all, everytime you launch BlogWorks it will be just ready to post, no more tedious login procedures, just quick and easy like your toughts. The Interface fits nicely with other MacOS X apps, and it's pretty easy to use.BlogWorks uses the Blogger API, which is a XML-RPC interface to blog systems. This means that any blog tool that uses this standard is made to work with BlogWorks. There are many choices: Blogger, b2, MovableType, Nucleus, BigBlogTool, BlogWorks XML, Blogalia and Drupal. BlogWorks put them all at your service.
LicenseFree to try
File Size4.93 MB
Operating System Macintosh