InfoManager is a complete information management system for the Macintosh. InfoManager integrates and greatly enhances many essential elements of the Macintosh operating system while simultaneously making these elements both more accessible and easier to use. InfoManager also gives you total control over the information that's on both your computer and the Internet -- with InfoManager you can even save and/or print just the part of any document or web page that you want!Some examples are: InfoManager turns the Mac's Clipboard into a powerful tool for collecting, editing, storing, saving, and even printing information; InfoManager adds powerful printing tools that work in almost every program -- including your web browser and email client; InfoManager includes text editing tools that allow you to perform (and undo) operations on selected text in virtually any program -- even on the fly; InfoManager provides a "Find" feature for quickly finding information in any of its files; InfoManager includes a set of tools for expanding the functionality of clipping files; and much, much more!With InfoManager there is less need to navigate "Open" and "Save" dialog boxes because InfoManager lets you create, name, open, and organize files and folders on the fly and without having to leave the program you are working in. (In fact, most of InfoManager's powerful features are available to you without your having to either launch a program or leave the application you are working with.) You even can add information to an InfoManager file -- on the fly -- without having to first open the file, and you can directly add the contents of the Clipboard to a closed file! InfoManager also includes a highly flexible interface that allows you to use either a text-based or an icon-based display. InfoManager lets you create your own keyboard shortcuts for some of its most powerful and frequently used features (you can even display or print a list of these shortcuts at any time). Additionally, InfoManager includes an interactive guidance system which assists you while you are using it, and InfoManager includes both Balloon Help and a Quick Start Guide.Because the files created by InfoManager are text files, they can also be used with any text editor or word processor on your computer. In fact, InfoManager includes a comprehensive set of tools that automatically appear whenever SimpleText, Tex-Edit, and Tex-Edit Plus are launched. InfoManager also gives you the option to instantly convert any of its files to a SimpleText, Tex-Edit, Tex-Edit Plus, BBEdit, Word, WordPerfect, WriteNow, or Nisus Writer file.InfoManager takes up very little space on your Desktop, can be used even when in an ultra-compact iconified state, and works even when it's completely hidden when you use your own keyboard shortcuts.As innovative and useful as the above features are, they only begin to describe the flexibility, breadth, and power of the features that are included in InfoManager.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.03 MB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • System 7.5.3 or higher