DAAV SMS Anti-Spammer Basic Edition for Windows Mobile

Mobile users have seen the growing number of unsolicited text messages arriving in their SMS Inboxes. Unlike email, it is usually hard for a recipient to delete an SMS without reading it. DAAV SMS Anti-Spammer helps users effectively filter mobile spam. This program is able to auto-detect the phone system language and display its UI also in English and Traditional Chinese. However, the core module of this released version deals mainly with Simplified-Chinese text messages. We may release in the future versions with a core module processing specifically SMS in languages such as English, German, and French. After installation, the program resides and runs in the background, functioning like part of the phone OS. Incoming text messsages are automatically computed to be either legitimate, that will be let through as usual, or junk, that will be thown into a special SMS folder named "Spam" created by our program. Except to acknowledge once in a while notifications regarding the received messages, a phone user needs to do nothing else to stop the spam SMS. Just let our program do the work locally on the phone. The software auto-checks updates from time to time via wireless Internet. However, this basic edition of our program never initiates proactively an establishment of connection to the wireless Internet. Instead, it only tries to access the wireless Internet to check the availability of a new version when such a connection has been established, either by the user or other programs such as IE Mobile. The detailed installation guide is available at: http://www.daav.cn/products/mobile/smsantispammer/basic/windows/docs/installationguide.php
File Size519.91 kB
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 5.x Windows Mobile 6.x Windows Mobile Mobile