FirePanel XP

FirePanel XP is an extension for the new firewall found in Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server2003 SP1. It improves your Windows Firewall, with features not normally available to users. Set rules, monitor your firewall activity, filter packets, watch logs, and keep realtime tabs on what exactly your connection is being exposed to. Protect servers from most unsolicited internet traffic and malicious probes, by specifying which addresses can even find that open port. If the IP is not on the list, the packet is simply dropped and logged, limiting the surface of attack on your connection. There are multiples panes to display all important network information and the rules protecting your system. They include: Live Viewer: A sniffer, for real time packet watching. Firewall Log: Displays the contents of Windows Firewall logs in a readable format. Filters: New IP filtering acts as your first line of defense, prevent any incoming or outgoing traffic pattern you choose from passing through your connection; never even reaching the program or port rules. This is a tool never seen in the Windows Firewall. Add a rule with the remote IP as source, and it cannot connect again. Connections: Shows all connections on your system, including the process that owns it. Like netstat, but better. Programs & Ports: Applications and mapped ports can be limited to your LocalSubnet, the Internet or a custom set of IP addresses. Allow or deny multicast from your connection.
File Size150.39 kB
Operating System Windows XP SP 2 Windows Windows XP
System Requirements
  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP SP2 upgrade