Oracle SQL Handler, is an Oracle development tool(client tool) , is very useful and helpful for Oracle database developers and operators. convenient, functional, no serial number limitation. Its advantages and good features as below: (1) Platform crossing, can run in platforms Windows(WIN7,XP), Linux and Mac OS. (2) Does not needs install Oracle client, can directly use after decompress, can directly connect to Oracle server by offered JDBC package. (3) Super intelligent SQL editor, popup prompt window to list key words, key word unions, function names, column names and types, object names and types, can much improve the efficiency in SQL writing. (4) Super convenient worksheet shows and operates SELECT statement's searched result(can easily select row/column/cell like Excel sheet operations, can save updated data to database table). (5) Multiple types of data export including XLS\CSV\INSERT Statement\HTML\ XML. (6) Can easily operate data dictionaries including tables, views, indexes, procedures, triggers(can show/edit/compile PL/SQL code). (7) Chinese/English double-language GUI and can switch momentarily, individuation, compact and salubrious GUI. (8) Run statement "DESC tableName" to clearly show table's all logical structure informations including column info, all constraints, indexes, triggers and child tables. (9) Run statement "SCHEMA objectName" to show table or view's original DDL code. (10) Can clearly show SQL's explain plan with indent ladder format. (11) Can run and debug PL/SQL code, can accurately locate at error row/column. (12) Beautify and format SQL with indent ladder format. (13) Multiple threads and multiple connections, can stop or edit or create a new session when a session is running. (14) Can monitor executing batchs of SQL statements(can pause and amend in running progress). (15) Simple connection config, can automatically reconnect. (16) Engross few system resource, start quickly, connect quickly, run quickly. (17) High efficiency block operations, highlight paired parentheses. (18) Functional functions, simple and convenient operating. ......
License Free to try
File Size 23.08 MB
Version 4.0
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Me Windows 98 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows Windows 8 Windows 2003 Windows NT