dPulpo is a code generation tool that generates your database and data access layer, starting from a database-, framework- and language-independent Entity Relationship model described in XML. Its main assets are simplicity, speed and user-friendliness, taking away the grunt work for developers, without sacrificing flexibility. Built on existing database engines, frameworks and ORM mappers, dPulpo provides complete, top-down generation and integration of all the code necessary to have a working data layer in your application, allowing for rapid application development. Specifications:Automatic generation of;Database: no manual database construction;Data access layer: entity generation;Data access methods: no data access boilerplate;Visual Studio integration;Current version supports generation of:Database: SQL Server;Language: C#/.Net;OR Mapping: NHibernate;Database and framework independent XML Entity-Relationship Model;Database version tracking;Leverages the strength of multiple frameworks.
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows
System RequirementsSQL Server 2005, .NET Framework 3.5