SQLScripter scripts your entire server; script database level objects such as Stored Procedures, Tables, Views, Constraints, Indexes, Users, DML Triggers & DDL Triggers. Script server level objects such as Jobs, Logins (with the passwords hashed), Linked Servers and more. SQLScripter allows you to keep track of your schema at points in time. For example, you can schedule SQLScripter to run on a weekly basis which will result in having all your server's schema available on the file system for a quick access upon your need. It can be very useful in cases when you want to see when a specific object was changed or to quickly get the previous version of an object if you have discovered a problem with the current version, thus saving you the time to restore a back (in case a backup is available). SQLScripter can also be useful for High Availability solutions when you need your schema (i.e. jobs) available on another server for situations when your server is not accessible. I originally developed it for a High Availability solution when in a replicated environment I needed the Subscriber to take the role of the Publisher in case the Publisher is not available. SQLScripter is very light and installation is quick. It allows a flexible configuration to meet your tasks needs. The output is secured and protected by a zip with a password.
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