Our powerful data profiling software runs on all Microsoft supported Windows platforms, and is capable of profiling almost any database. Using the Lynx Profiler you can assess the validity, completeness and consistency of the data in your organization. The LynxProfiler can identify - Incorrectly formatted fields for instance postcodes, phone numbers, sort codes etc. Data that is the wrong type or size, values that are outside of the permitted range (dates of birth in the future for instance) Redundant tables and fields, poorly populated information, bad or bizarre values. Default values and other unwanted values. You can drill in at any point to view more detailed information or drill into the data to examine records with data quality issues. Once setup you can quickly re-measure your data quality and re-run the profiling reports to publish the results. In short, the Lynx Profiler allows your organization to quickly identify the quality of the data held and identify any errors or inconsistencies, empowering your business to make informed decisions, confident on the quality of the underlying data.
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Operating System Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000