Matrix Embeddable Database Engine

Matrix Embeddable Database Engine is a pure Java embeddable database engine. Targeted towards Java applications where quick and seamless persistence and retrieval of objects are required. Matrix Embeddable Database Engine comes loaded with features: Class is the Schema: Realtime Class registration and data persistence; Multi-Thread Single-VM: Matrix engine can be instantiated in multiple threads from a single VM; Object Locking: Runtime locking of Matrix persist-able objects maintaining transactional sanctity across all instantiated engines; Transaction Atomicity: Simple single-line set/get methods for complex DML functions; Fail-safe: Primary application thread remains safe by trapping exceptions; Where-clause: Object querying by where-clause like text; In-memory Indexing: Unique in-memory index technology; Cursors: Bidirectional parse-able cursors; Encryption: Database internals are encrypted; Zero Maintenance: Auto space management / auto archiving; Logging: Auto-Logging of database activities at two levels; Minimally Intrusive Interface: Classes intended for Matrix persistence need to implement a simple interface only.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 114.21 kB
Version 0.3b
Operating System Windows, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirements Java Runtime Environment 1.4