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Luxena dbExpress eXtension highlights Develop dbExpress application simple and easy, Migrate from BDE and ADO with minimal efforts, Get sophisticated dbExpress data access components with the usual interface. Luxena dbExpress eXtension benefits Save time and efforts migrating from BDE and ADO to dbExpress - Simply replace old components with eXtension without having to redesign the project which is typically required by the dbExpress usage, implementing user interface - The DB-aware controls, for example, grid and others can be linked directly to our datasets. Therefore you no longer need TClientDataSet and TDataSetProvider to display and modify data, implementing update logic - A multi-table join, stored procedure and union results can be easily edited with TDBXUpdateSQL linked to any eXtension dataset while the standard dbExpress usage requires writing the code, Improve your software scalability - of the application server or web application with the built-in connection pooling multi-database support - using the eXtension MacroSQL preprocessor.
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Version 2.2.4
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows NT
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