AI Tools ACM (Auto Concept Machine)

What is ACM? ACM means Automatic Concept Machine. It was based on SDP, and adds special calculation method. In SDP, you can define a rule for a status, but you must include all possible status. If a status not been defined, your application do nothing. In ACM, if some statuses are processed in same way, we make a number to those statuses. We call those number as 'concept number', ACM will calculate in some way. Try to find a rule in those status, if there is a status that had not been defined, ACM will try to process correctly by the rules. How to make a ACM application: make a directory, (for example--my_application ), then make a *.tb0 file ( for example :my_application.tb0), like this: acm_sence_save_dbf1=acm.
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