SQL*Lite is used to perform SQL operations on Oracle or MySQL databases. Some of its features are: table/view browser, object search, updateable cells, wizard to insert record; Copy table/data between databases; Save query result in CSV or HTML format; Spool query result or table/view structure to a file; Email query result to colleagues; Compare query results side by side; Load statements from a file; Save statements to a file; Accept arguments during execution, example: select &column1, &column2 from &table; Batch mode supported, example: @c:\tmp\batch.sql; Open up to 50 database connections; Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix supported.
License Free
File Size 52.02 kB
Version 1.9.2
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows Me Windows 2003 Windows NT Windows 95 Windows Vista Windows 98 Windows 7