DittoBitto is a clever, easy to use, yet powerful multi-user relational database management system. DittoBitto is a scaled down clone of Microsoft's Access database format but doesn't require all the virtual basic coding. It's small in size yet very powerful. Great for creating any of your database needs and you can network it too. There are advantages to keeping your database in-house and off the cloud. They claim your valuable data is safe stored on some server in some warehouse. But clever people are finding clever ways to hack these sites. Plus if you loose Internet connection, you loose access to your data. If your online database provider goes out of business, who knows what happens to your data and you have to start over. Features of DittoBitto include: Ability to create unlimited fields of various types in unlimited databases. Ability to sort, select, and search records in a spreadsheet format. Ability to create relationships between 2 or more tables. An advanced unlimited number of Forms feature. Forms are the working screens for the input and retrieval of data. A report feature that allows you to create and design as many reports as needed. A query feature that allows you to pull data from multiple Tables for the creation of reports or needed data into one of your screens or reports. A Procedure feature that allows you to create simple or complex code for working in your Forms or Tables. A Macro function allows you to make DittoBitto perform simple or complex routines. An e-mail and "other program" feature allows you to call other programs. Compatible with dBASE files, text, delimited text, and text(CSV) data from other databases, spreadsheets, and word processors. You can also import and export data. DittoBitto is multi-user so you can run it on a network. It allows more than one user to access the same table. You can have DittoBitto on your desktop computer and access and work on those files from your laptop or another computer. You can link or paste any picture or text file into the database so you can have pictures of personal or products on each record. Can manipulate multimedia files in formats such as AVI, MPG, WAV, and many more. Comes with a database custom software called Project. It creates executable files using macros, events, and features. It has an easy to work process and has an efficient compile feature. DittoBitto is easy to use yet can handle quite complicated functions if needed.
Price USD 30
License Free to try
File Size 614 B
Version 9.08
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None