Solutions Schedule for .NET Cororate Enterprise

Welcome to Solutions Schedule .NET version 7.0 - industry tested and developer's choice of snap-in, Drag and Drop Gantt style Enterprise Resource Planning and Scheduling component software for Visual Studio .NET. There are five primary elements that comprise Solutions Schedule: The Schedule Area, where time bars are created and interacted with and through which developers define the type of Gantt style end-user interaction, varying degrees of accuracy and supporting information that can be surfaced. The multi column List View and Tree View area - where developers define either style of presentation - the direct edit List View or the Tree View and connect data for presenting and interacting with categorized lists of Resources. The Ruler Area, which offers direct time line customization for creating plans and schedules based on time types and time lines of Seconds to Years. List Items, which originate in the List View / Tree View area and carry through the Scheduling Area for contiguous representation of Resources and the tasks and roles assigned to them. The Time Bars, which reside in the Schedule Area that complete DBI's unique Gantt Style, intuitively interactive, Drag and Drop planning and scheduling surface. Each of the primary elements that comprise Solutions Schedule are managed dynamically by the architecture and business rules applied through the construct of the control. Further, via the Properties, Events and Methods (PEMs) developers are provided discrete programmability and full control of the control's presentation - including user (owner) drawn features built into the List / Tree View, Time Line Ruler, Time Bars and Schedule area. User Drawn features are found in the Enterprise license.
Price USD 1299
License Free to try
File Size 16.49 MB
Version 7.0
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
System Requirements None