Xomega.Net for Visual Studio 2010

Xomega.Net is a Visual Studio plug-in that provides an integrated environment for XML-based object modeling and code generation based on a breakthrough Xomega object modeling technology. It helps you to quickly get started with adoption of XML-based model driven development for your projects, which can boost developers productivity, result in more clean, consistent and robust system designs, reduce maintenance costs and make your systems more portable from one platform to another. Included in Xomega.Net are: - A set of project templates that help you build end-to-end WPF, Silverlight or ASP.NET applications in just a couple of minutes. - Xomega VS project system for organizing your XML models and running XSLT-based model transformations. - A powerful Xomega Editor that makes browsing and editing your XML models phenomenally easy. - A set of built-in generators for database, business object, service and presentation layers that allow you to - - import an XML object model from an existing database; - - generate a DDL script for the database schema from the XML model; - - generate an incremental DB update script to apply model changes to the database; - - generate a Microsoft Entity Data Model and the corresponding business object classes for the Entity Framework. - - generate WCF service contracts and configurations for the service layer. - - generate default service implementations that use LINQ for Entities; - - generate and model static data and lists of values; - - generate a presentation data model based on the powerful and rich open-source Xomega Framework. - - generate standard WPF, Silverlight or ASP.NET search or details forms based on the presentation data model. - Ability to customize and extend your models and plug in your own generators. Be sure to take a look at our step-by-step tutorials and videos that show you how to build a complete WPF, Silverlight or ASP.NET application from a sample database in just a few simple steps. Order a free basic or a fully functional 60-day evaluation license. Please visit http://www.xomega.net for more information.
License Free
File Size 12.6 MB
Version 3.3
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Windows XP