Softgroup .Net ExplorerBar

Softgroup ExplorerBar Control can display intrinsic items or any other control divided into groups that can be expanded and collapsed to allow the user to customize which information is shown. Control features: easy to use both at runtime and design time, sSupports Background Transparent color, support gradient style for both ExplorerBar and groups, support background image for both ExplorerBar and groups, support tooltip text for both groups and items, customize any aspects of groups title (gradient, colors, fonts, text), customize any aspects of groups and/or items (gradient, colors, fonts, text), can display items of type: Label, LinkLabel, CheckBox, RadioButton, or any other control, consumes few memory resources, VB.NET and CS.NET samples included, 100% .Net managed code.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.85 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows XP Windows Vista Windows NT
System Requirements.NET Framework 2.0, Visual Studio