Carello, Online Shopping Software, breaks down the high cost barrier associated with e-commerce by allowing anyone with basic HTML skillsto create professional level online catalogs. Administer Carello fromvirtually any browser, easily customize Carello to reflect the lookof the site, automate taxation and shipping charges, and utilize the HTML code generation feature to easily setup and maintain the catalog database. Carello is designed to make e-commerce as easy for the retailer as it is for shoppers. Equipped with a constant view feature,Carello enables shoppers to see item quantities and total charges on the side or bottom of the screen while shopping. Easy icons and functions make shopping simple for customers. Never has a cart at this level of technology and ease of use been offered at such a competitive price. 1.1, the latest version of Carello makes development and maintainance even easier with it's new import/export feature. This new function will allow a web builder or a store owner to load up vitually any size database into the carello administration via a browser.
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Operating System Windows 95 Windows NT 4 Windows 98 Windows
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/NT4