SecureWAMP Portable

With SecureWAMP you can set up a secure WAMP-System (an installation that combines Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) in a few minutes completely administered via a GUI. It includes Apache (2.4.x, VC9), PHP 5.4.x, MySQL 5.5.x, SQLite 3.x, phpMyAdmin 3.x, Mercury/32 Mail-Server 4.7.x, and loadable 1-Click-Addons: Python 2.7. With SecureWAMP users have the choice between developers and production settings, so that it is in contrast to other WAMPs also ideal for web hosting. SecureWAMP allows to contral all important settings via a central GUI so you don't have to deal with cryptic configuration files or different interfaces.Features include preconfigured WAMP-System with Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Mercury/32 Mail-Server, and SQLite, centralized GUI for all important features of the applications, assistant to operate the applications as a restricted user, add-on system for reloading and integration of other applications (such as Tomcat, Python, and SVN) from the network, 1-click installer for web applications such as phpBB and WordPress, assistant for performance tuning with automatic Evaluation of the System configuration, editor for the Windows HOSTS file to create "virtual domains", dynamic and automatic updates of individual components (Apache, MySQL, etc.) directly from the software, and focus on a lightweight and fast system.
File Size72.74 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows


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