RealOptimizer Pro is the advanced image optimizer plug-in for ACDSee that lets you quickly and interactively shrink AND enhance images for web and e-mail sharing. See your potential results instantly as you try changes. RealOptimizer Pro graphic design software was developed for ACD Systems by Realview. Real-time image optimization software, where you can view potential results as you make changes, takes the guesswork out of preparing images for web and e-mail sharing. Ensure you're getting the right results the first time and do it up to 50% faster than with other image editing software using RealOptimizer Pro. If you're a professional who needs practical graphic design software, this plug-in will cut your optimization time in half. If you're a hobbyist or novice who just wants to share images without learning advanced image editing, your timesavings will be even greater with this JPEG, BMP & TIFF optimizer. Change the resolution quality and/or viewing size of images simply by selecting RealOptimizer Pro from ACDSee's "Edit" toolbar and manipulating two slide pointers for quality and scale. As you view the potential results that change the image as you go, you can also see the dynamically presented figures for exact dimensions, size in kilobytes and image compression percentage. Enter exact image dimensions manually if you choose. Apply your desired changes to a batch of images at once. When your changes are complete, RealOptimizer Pro exports (saves) your images as true color JPEG compression files perfect for the web or e-mail. Apply up to 14 filters and effects including flip image, mirror image, remove noise & rotate. Enjoy the image compression convenience and time saving benefits of RealOptimizer Pro graphic design software at a great, low price. RealOptimizer Pro is an image compression and graphic design software plug-in that requires ACDSee or ACD mPower Tools to function. It is designed by Realview and approved for use with ACD System
File Size3.12 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 95
System Requirements<li>All Windows <li>64MB RAM <li>25MB HDD <li>ACDSee 3.1 or later <li>IE 4.0 or later