Keepoint 7 is a new class of web information management tools - a web research engine - which enables you to harness your carefully searched web information and get productive with it. It provides a complete suite of features for gathering, organizing, and sharing your valuable web research. It eliminates the costs otherwise involved in printing, filing, sorting, managing, and sometimes even losing important information. Keepoint 7 is the new base line product from which both the Keepoint 7 Pro and Keepadââ??¢ are derived. As such, it allows you to enjoy the full functionality of the Keepoint 7 Pro (including that of Keepadââ??¢), for as long as you wish, provided you save or work only on 99 web pages. With Keepoint 7 (same as with 7 Pro), you can not only save the web contents with a single mouse click, but also assign keywords to them, keep track of them, annotate/highlight text on them, export or send the annotated pages by email or extract and save only the necessary information from a web page (selected area, or images only etc.), all without ever leaving your browser.
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows NT Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 or better