webEdition is a price-breaking database-grounded web content management system. webEdition stores all "content information" (including text, images, graphics, flash movies, style sheets, etc.) in a central database. The advantage of this system is that the page itself does not have to be edited if the content has to be changed. Instead, only the database entry has to be changed and the corresponding page re-saved. Additionally, the content stored in the database can be rapidly searched or used in other ways (e.g. as a central repository). We decided to base webEdition on MySQL, a database supported by all major providers. This means that a central database contains all the content on the web site you wish to manage with webEdition. However, you hardly notice the database, since it runs primarily in the background. Users only see their web sites and the input boxes on the actual web pages. The webEdition program only has to be installed on the provider's (ISP) server once. This is done by using a simple installation program run on any computer with internet access. Anything else you wish to do can be taken care of with a standard web browser. There is no need to install any software locally. You can expand webEdition with a variety of add-on modules, such as: User Management standard (Admin/Editor and Workspaces) User Management PRO (Permissions, Groups, Subgroups, Aliases, Workspaces) Customer Managenent (Registering, different views and links for registered users) Database-/Object module (Integrate database functionality into your website) Scheduler (Time-controlled publishing of pages and information) Shop (Shop framework to create web shops) Editor Plug-in (Combine your favorite HTML-editor with webEdition) Workflow (Enables you to set up workflows without restrictions)[available January 2003] While following the open source philosophy, we combining it with the advantages of commercial software products, like support, manuals and documentations. Rough overview of some features Database grounded Working with templates No HTML-knowledge required to edit, change or work with web pages The editor controls the entire site by using only three buttons: the "+"-button, the "edit" button and the "wastepaper-basket" button. Already existing pages can easily be taken over and integrated WYSIWYG-Editor (starting with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5) mask-oriented feed in of texts and pictures Completely controlable through Browser Navigation is dynamically editable with webEdition Linklists and Listviews can be provided without programming knowledge Repeatable blocks by mouse click Picture and data upload over browser, no FTP neccessary Backup-function Detailed help system, handbook and Service&Support on homepage Dynamic or static page building Editors can feed in news and articles without being bothered by linking procedures; linking is done automatically Works on every server with PHP4 and MySQL database. Separation of Content and Layout Separation of storage and publishing Tag-based (we:tags)
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Operating System Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows XP
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP