Software architecture based on CoreImageTechnology. Vertical form factor to adapt to small size monitors and logically grouped functions. RWmultitool will display a list of all images included in a theme and let you choose one for editing. No other software required. Drag and drop your image onto RWmultitool window, even more than one. RWmultitool works with severel common image formats. Images are placed on layers. Each layer can be individually selected and moved. You can move, resize and rotate inserted images (Hot Keys available for each option). You can edit hue, saturation, contrast. If your image is squared or rectangular, you can even add a colour frame. Perfect for your picture. An automatic backup of original images will be performed when you save your edits. If you restore your image after editing, the backup image will be deleted. Images edited in a theme can even be saved to disk.
Price USD23
License Purchase
File Size 1.2 MB
Version 2.2.2
Operating System Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.5 Intel Mac OS X 10.8 Mac OS X 10.6 Intel Mac OS X 10.10 Mac OS X 10.9 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.11 macOS 10.12 Sierra