Instant PHP Processing directly through Outlook- Simply load up PHP for Outlook and select E-mails for direct PHP interaction, or just use the simple PHP Mail feature that enables PHP processing directly in e-mail design. Quite simply, the PHP for Outlook engine allows you to communicate with backend databases, or send information directly to other resource requirements. With PHP you are in control, and with PHP embeded within Outlook, the possibilities are endless. You Control the engine, because you control PHP Processing - so E-mails become just another resource for you directly. You have access to program Variables, and Functions to speed processing and Mail handling directly in PHP for Outlook. Each step of the processing stages are complete and well organized to allow quick executes and storage of vital code.Built in PHP Designer Design complete e-mail solutions for Outlook - using our built in PHP Designer. Design sophisticated PHP scripts that communicate directly with outside servers, or take advantage of internal direct resources to alert and allow export of e-mails directly from your scripts. PHP for Outlook allows PHP to control the Mail directly and exposes all variables of each individual mail object.
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