The emagiC CMS.Net framework is one of Europe's fastest growing Content Management Systems for building and maintaining Internet, Extranet and Portal websites.The emagiC CMS.Net framework includes features like wysiwyg editing, multi-site management, extranet security, versioning, content scheduling, search integration, role and task management, image editing, personalization. It comes with a large set of standard and optional modules (xforms, active directory, form generation, newsletter). Through the XForms application (based on W3C XForms standard), you manage structured content, such as product catalogues, news items, press releases, and jobs. The emagiC CMS.Net framework relies on the MS .NET Framework v2.0. Through the extensive API it provides an open and scalable architecture that can easily be extended with existing legacy systems. Hence, emagiC CMS.Net is a solid framework for Enterprise Content Management.
File Size15.15 MB
Operating System Windows
System RequirementsWindows 2003 Server, MSSQL 2000-2005, .NET Framework 2.0