Web chart master allows you to add charts into your WEB-pages. It works in batch processing and can generate tens charts per second. You can insert line charts, area charts, bar charts, pie charts, stock charts, charts with markers and data values in your HTML files. Input data are prepared as a text file in format CSV (Excel Comma Separated Values File), which can be created by any text editor, many programs of spreadsheet calculations or your own special program. Charts are rendered by using VML (Vector Markup Language). You can browse and print charts with high quality by Internet Explorer 5.5 and above (with VML option enabled). You can place one or several charts in HTML page by using absolute or relative addressing. Relative addressing allows placing charts in according to the normal flow and in the cells of tables. You can add legend too. Also you can set URL for each chart and use JScript and VBScript programs. By using WEB chart master you can quickly and simply begin to use charts for visualization of your business and scientific results in Internet and Intranet.
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