If you've invested your time in building a website, you'll want the right people to locate your site from search engines like Excite or Google. These search engines send out spiders, crawlers, and various multi-legged creatures that "crawl" the Internet for web pages. They look at HTML meta tags to index information about web pages such as subject matter, type of content and author. Meta tags are neither fun to read nor easy to remember. Metty presents you with simple forms that allow you to input the information you want, then generate all of your meta tags. Once generated, you can copy and paste the meta tags into one of your HTML files or insert them into a new or imported HTML file. No knowledge of meta tags is necessary to use Metty. Features include: Create HTML meta tags by filling in simple form fields. Support for 33 meta tags. Import an existing HTML file from your hard-drive or the web. Insert generated meta tags into HTML file and save. Save tags as a file for use as a template. Support for Dublin Core meta tags.
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