PHP WebDefender

The "WebDefender" Antivirus Scanner. The builtin professional and multi-functional antivirus scanner offers top of the line security features and advanced functions for viruses and vulnerabilities detection. The scanner incorporates a user friendly malware removal tool. The diagnostic is performed by using a known database of virus signatures as well as Cobweb-Security's Heuristic algorithm that can detected previously unknown virus signatures and zero-day vulnerabilities thus providing enterprise-level security capabilities. WebDefender Antivirus Features: Virus and malware antivirus scanner; Database security scanning (exclusive function); ZIP file scanning (exclusive function); Adware, Spyware and SPAM links detection; Powerful and easy to use malware removal tool; Security hardening analytics and recommendations; Real-time malware signature updates (Professional or Premium); Scanner scheduler's settings (Professional or Premium). Database Malware Scanning: A unique ability of our algorithm is scanning the website's database. This function crucial as more and more hackers use SQL injection to infect the websites with malware. Adware, Spyware and SPAM links detection: SEO & SPAM links Doorway pages (SEO) iFrame injections Black-hat SEO infections Anti SPAM: WebDefender includes a unique automatic algorithm for diagnosing the text entered on your website (forum, forms, comments and etc,) where made by a human or a bot. Bots won't be allowed to enter text on your website. This is a unique algorithm, providing a unique solution to our clients. Brute Force Attack Protection: Hackers frequently use automatic bot systems to Brute force a website. Our algorithm detects those bots and prevents attempts of a password crack. Vulnerabilities Detection: One of the most important parts of your website security and protection is a well-timed analysis for plugin, CMS and database vulnerabilities. These security vulnerabilities are an easy way for a hacker to crawl into your website. That's why a well-timed diagnosis and update are vital for hardening the protection of the website.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.51 MB
Version 4.1.3
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7
System Requirements PHP version 4.1 or higher