phpsqlitesite is a minimal PHP / SQLite content web site system. It consists of one PHP source code file and one SQLite database file, with no requirements other than PHP 5.2 and SQLite 3, which is part of the standard PHP distribution. Phpsqlitesite is: Light on server resources. SQLite read speeds are faster than MySQL and require only filesystem access, so your site will remain responsive even on a shared server under heavy load. Low memory requirements. phpsqlitesite uses less than 512 kB for an average site. (Check the footer below.) Another great feature on shared servers. Easy to maintain. All pages get automatically linked into your site navigation. Easy to style. Redesign your entire site by editing one file. The appearance of page elements is controlled with standard CSS. Not stripped down. Despite its small footprint, phpsqlitesite sites can include an integrated, spam-free comments section, as well as Facebook and Twitter social sharing links. Integrated search. What good is a database-backed web site without a search engine? phpsqlitesite can include a search form on every page to let your visitors find the content they're interested in.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.3
Operating System Webware
System Requirements PHP 5.2 with PDO