XML Data Extractor Software

XML Data Extractor Software loads internet or local Source files and automatically extracts Source file data allowing it to be easily used as input for web forms or applications. When a Source file is loaded XML Data Extractor Software displays the Source file elements (tags). Clicking an Element copies the content (text) of the element to the clipboard allowing it to be easily pasted to any location using right click. It can also load Display files into a frame allowing the 2 documents to be utilized in the single window, i.e. copy the Element content from the Source file and paste it to the Display file. The Source file can be any file using an XML type structure, including XML or HTML (web pages) files. It was originally developed to assist the submission of software Pad files to Software Download sites but can be used for any XML structured data extraction process. The software runs in the Internet Explorer browser on your local computer. Key Features: Load local or Internet Source files. Automatically extracts file contents providing a 1 click copy to the clipboard. Allows 2 documents to be utilized in the 1 window providing easy interaction. Handles multiple Source files and multiple Display files. Filling in Web forms in the Display frame with content extracted from Source files. Extracting data easily from XML files and Web pages. Streamlining data extraction processes. Streamlining Web based data submission processes. Enhancing semi-automatic processes based on data files i.e. software Pad file submissions. Integrates data submission from multiple Source files to multiple Display files. When used with software Pad files this allows data submission from multiple Pad files to multiple download sites.
Price USD39.9
License Free to try
File Size 9.82 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows Windows NT Windows 7 Windows Me Windows 2000