Eagle Editor

Eagle editor is a very powerful and convenient HTML editor on-line. It has following main functionalities: i. Edit HTML online ii. Code format online ? format organized or unorganized code like HTML, jsp/php/asp, javascript, css, java, etc. It can make your code clean and clear iii. Run and test javascript functions online by attaching event to specific components iv. Submit your code by it v. Multiple languages supported vi. Easy to extend functionalities ? it uses generic way of coding javascript like did in Java. It's very easy to change the styles or functions (add function and buttons) by modifying several line of code. vii. Plugin modal ? several key functions are optional for Eagle Editor. If you don't load the specific js file to HTML page, the Editor will ignore the functionalities automatically without affect its normal running. viii. Easy to modify HTML content and easy to locate inserted component in your editor. The tool has a strong system named component locator, which can allow you easily locate the component in the edit area and change/program its style and functions. ix. Menus make you work down just move your mouse and click menu items. Then a beautiful page is down. Try in demo page: www.silenceeagle.com/editor/demo and you will see its power!
Price USD 19.99
License Purchase
Version v1.11.3
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None