The Web has evolved into a powerful means of disseminating information, and is now the first place people look for answers. With Web feed and streaming technologies making the Web ever more dynamic, users have come to expect information that is consistently up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensible. The constant challenge facing Web designers is how to convey complex information in this fluid environment. Charts and graphs are by far the most effective means of transmitting information to human readers, but static charts produced by traditional desktop charting tools become rapidly obsolete in the Web environment. The imperative for dynamic data representation has spurred the growth of Web-based charting software. However, current Web-charting products have proven incapable of handling large data sets, and lack the sophisticated operations demanded by serious data presentation tasks. Web designers who need to graphically present complex and dynamic information have been left stranded with inadequate tools. Style Chart is the first Web-charting technology to genuinely address serious charting needs, by generating real-time dynamic charts from datasets of any size. With JavaScript access to a powerful and robust charting engine, Style Chart gives you a level of control over chart design that is not possible with any other charting tool. Style Chart's flexible deployment options allow you to embed chart scripts directly into your Web page, or host scripts on the Style Chart server and access them via simple image URL. Why Style Chart? Style Chart has finally made sophisticated, real-time, Web charting available to everyone.
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