M-Business Anywhere

M-Business Anywhere provides a platform for delivering Web-based content and applications to mobile devices rapidly and cost-effectively - with minimal recoding. Web developers can leverage their existing skill sets and open standards to develop and deploy fully interactive Web applications with sync-and-go or wireless capabilities. So no matter where end users are, they'll be able to tap into the information, applications and Web services they need to make more effective business decisions, more quickly than ever before. Just as importantly, you can develop, deploy, and maintain mobile Web applications rapidly and with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) possible. M-Business Anywhere powers the AvantGo mobile Internet service, with more than 10 million registered subscribers.
File Size82.9 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile 2003 Mobile Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Palm OS 3.x Pocket PC 2002 Windows NT Windows XP Palm OS 5.x Palm OS 4.x
System RequirementsServer: 256MB RAM, 400MB Disk Client: 1.5 MB