LinkFreeze is a fast and easy solution to optimize dynamic or database-driven website for search engines. It optimizes all dynamic links on your site removing all unwanted characters and making links look like static files. Most of search engines don t like dynamic content. They usually will not go deep indexing links with parameters, give such files much less pagerank or even refuse to crawl dynamic pages at all. The only difference between static and dynamic content is that links to dynamic files include question mark followed by a list of parameters, something like If you have online store, forum, or any other dynamically driven application and your site is full of such links it will be very hard to these content indexed by search engines. LinkFreeze can modify all these links making them look like an ordinary link to a static file. For example above link after applying LinkFreeze can look like Even more, you can choose how your new links will look like from a number of predetermined schemes. All schemes will produce search engines friendly links. But the main benefit of LinkFreeze is that you don t need to change anything in your application to make it search engines friendly. LinkFreeze will modify all links directly before the server will send response to the client. So everybody users, search engine crawlers or other robots will see the same nice statically looking links. And when somebody will navigate to this link LinkFreeze will intercept this request on the server and rewrite URL back to the dynamic form, so your applications will still thinking it is working with old dynamic links.
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