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Currency Converter

Convert Currencies to/from the following currencies:US DollarEuroArgentine PesoAustralian DollarBahamian DollarBahraini DinarBarbados...

By LifeBytes | Added 1 day ago

Hunchy for Android

Control the Hunchback Quasimodo, running and jumping to avoid obstacles, clear levels and rescue Esmerelda.Originally released in the...

By FisherSoft | Added 1 day ago

ConsoBox - AdFree

ConsoBox is a mobile application that allows for monitoring of his car at: * The consumption * Its periodic revision * Its tires...

By Liollury | Added 1 day ago

Compression Calculator Pro

Compression Calculator Pro is an easy to use static and dynamic compression ratio calculator for almost any engine type. Dynamic compression...

By iSTUDIO Mobile | Added 1 day ago

Comet Clock

Comet clock is a live wallpaper of a solar system with orbiting planets that act as hands of a clock. Comets fly around the solar...

By David Nufer | Added 1 day ago


Colour+ is an HSV based colour mixing utility for Android. Use Colour+ to *mix any two colours and isolate the range of possible colour...

By Cory Todd Art and Design | Added 1 day ago

Space Pioneers 3D Pack

Collection of spaceships that were pioneers in space: - Sputnik-1, the world's first spacecraft to orbit the Earth - Vostok-1, the...

By 1985Applications | Added 1 day ago

Cretan Mantinades

Collection of Cretan poems, also known as Mantinades

By GorbaTech Solutions | Added 2 days ago

Bad Star

Collect the Diamonds scattered across the galaxy in Bad Star an original and dynamic physics based game. In Bad Star, gravity, skill...

By GameDevUsurp | Added 2 days ago


CMSIS-DAP Debugger for ARM devices.For supported ARM Cortex devices, it is possible to:* Read RAM/Flash memory* Write RAM memory* Reset,...

By Kjarvel | Added 2 days ago

Club Live Timing

Club Live Timing enables clubs that subscribe to the Club Live Timing Network to distribute times and announcements to any device running...

By Dekker Volksstam Autosports | Added 2 days ago

climbdroid pro

climbdroid pro deactivates the ads and lets you use an utility to upload images to Facebook from the images gallery. By deactivating...

By Gustavo Iniguez Goya | Added 2 days ago

Click 999 Pro

Click 999 Pro is an easy and fun game, click the smallest numbers in the board!Let's try it.

By Fishapple | Added 2 days ago


ClevaTime is the application that allows you to improve your time management to always be on time without forgetting anything.You can...

By Edgard Brown | Added 2 days ago