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Colour+ is an HSV based colour mixing utility for Android. Use Colour+ to *mix any two colours and isolate the range of possible colour...

By Cory Todd Art and Design | Added 1 day ago

Space Pioneers 3D Pack

Collection of spaceships that were pioneers in space: - Sputnik-1, the world's first spacecraft to orbit the Earth - Vostok-1, the...

By 1985Applications | Added 1 day ago

Cretan Mantinades

Collection of Cretan poems, also known as Mantinades

By GorbaTech Solutions | Added 1 day ago

Bad Star

Collect the Diamonds scattered across the galaxy in Bad Star an original and dynamic physics based game. In Bad Star, gravity, skill...

By GameDevUsurp | Added 1 day ago


CMSIS-DAP Debugger for ARM devices.For supported ARM Cortex devices, it is possible to:* Read RAM/Flash memory* Write RAM memory* Reset,...

By Kjarvel | Added 1 day ago

Club Live Timing

Club Live Timing enables clubs that subscribe to the Club Live Timing Network to distribute times and announcements to any device running...

By Dekker Volksstam Autosports | Added 1 day ago

climbdroid pro

climbdroid pro deactivates the ads and lets you use an utility to upload images to Facebook from the images gallery. By deactivating...

By Gustavo Iniguez Goya | Added 1 day ago

Click 999 Pro

Click 999 Pro is an easy and fun game, click the smallest numbers in the board!Let's try it.

By Fishapple | Added 1 day ago


ClevaTime is the application that allows you to improve your time management to always be on time without forgetting anything.You can...

By Edgard Brown | Added 1 day ago

Gears Live Wallpaper

Clean, simple, yet mesmerizing.-NO Annoying ads like the other guy, just a nice clean wallpaper-"It is hard to look away from this...

By JWL Studios | Added 1 day ago

Sudoku Puzzle - Sudoque

Clean and simple Number Place (Sudoku) application. This app generates unique sudoku puzzles in 4 levels of difficulty (thus the name...

By Amalgamated Service Corporation | Added 1 day ago

Clawks Zooper Widget

Clawks Zooper WidgetIMPORTANT - This is not a stand-alone app! You must have Zooper Widget Pro 2.38 or above for this to work.Clawks...

By Bent Metal | Added 1 day ago


Class 1 English practice tests,Interactive quizzes & worksheets on alphabetical order, fill in the blanks with letters, punctuate the...

By Learners' Planet | Added 1 day ago


Cinedico is a dictionary of technical terms and definitions related to audiovisual industries and film business. It identifies more...

By Afcinema | Added 1 day ago

CIMA P1 Performance Operations

CIMA P1 Performance OperationsRevision Software for CIMA P1 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus).Over 300 unique questions covering Multiple Choice,...

By Know Your Subject Limited | Added 1 day ago