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DeadEnd 3D

DeadEnd 3D is a three-dimensional puzzle game based on my previous shareware game "DeadEnd". You have to find your path through a maze...

By Wolfgang Thaller | Added August 26, 2001

SoomSoom - Everything But Coffee

An amazing and easy-to-install software that allows you to access ANYTHING on your computer by using NAMES and SUBJECTS. Everyone knows...

By PingWin.Inc | Added August 26, 2001


Rarissimo is a file utility that enables to automatically compress and/or uncompress files. Rarissimo is a companion tool for the award...

By Soft Experience | Added August 26, 2001


Allow you to follow your investment knowing exactly what you have at any time.

By Jean-Pierre Lhoir | Added August 26, 2001

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio is a high-performance visual RAD tool that provides a component-based environment for building GUI interfaces within e-commerce,...

By Raining Data | Added August 22, 2001


NeuroTran® quickly and accurately translates web pages, e-mail, faxes, memos, manuals, reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, letters...

By Translation Experts | Added August 21, 2001


Smart file transfer system that talks to conventional FTP servers and updates files and entire directory structures, depending on what's...

By Aerosoft | Added August 21, 2001


This 5-Pack offers a wide variety of styles ranging from all time favorite shoot''em''up game (Saturn Strike) to boxing (Toxic Boxing),...

By Ludigames | Added August 21, 2001

Flight Management System Logbook

Logbook module for the Little Wing Flight Management System. Input and tracking of route, day & night landings, Hobbs times, tach times...

By Philip Derrin | Added August 21, 2001


Soldiers is a freeware action game for Power Macintosh. In the game you are an ex-marine, whose job is to kick some ass. Missions take...

By Juho Ruohola | Added August 20, 2001


The purpose of the Sine thinkDB Plug-in is to simply calculate a sine.

By PDA Bytes | Added August 20, 2001

Pocket Recipes

Make shopping trips hassle free. Create automatic shopping lists-select a recipe, and then add ingredients to your shopping list with...

By Pocket Express | Added August 20, 2001