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2012 Zombies vs Aliens

~ MASSIVE LAUNCH SALE - ONLY $0.99! ~ Get it NOW before the price goes up! ;)ONLY: $0.99

By Infinidy Corp | Added February 14, 2010

170+ Adventures of Superman Radio Show

Adventures of Superman is a radio show which aired between 1938 and 1951 on Mutual and ABC with Kelloggs as a sponsor. While being...

By Scott W. Hotaling | Added February 14, 2010

10th Grade Vocabulary

A good vocabulary is essential to your child's future. SuperKids Vocab Apps provide a fun and easy way to master the words they will...

By SuperKids | Added February 14, 2010

Eagle Editor

Eagle editor is a very powerful and convenient HTML editor on-line. It has following main functionalities: i. Edit HTML online ii....

By Silenceeagle | Added February 11, 2010

Foot TV

Foot TV vous permet d'avoir accs aux informations principales des matchs de football.Cette application vous permet de voir rapidement...

By Arnaud SEPEROUMAL | Added February 11, 2010

IR Remote for iPhone

In turn this ingeniously simple app, and a little DIY hardware, which consists of just one jack and an infrared diode, your iPhone...

By HMB-TEC | Added February 10, 2010

Brain App Math

Brain App uses simple math to help keep your mind sharp. Studies have shown that solving simple math problems in rapid succession increases...

By Chris Mayer | Added February 10, 2010

Momento for iPhone

Momento for iPhone is a diary or journal writing application which provides a quick and easy way to privately record moments throughout...

By d3i Ltd | Added February 10, 2010

DiskTools Pro

DiskTools Pro is a total system utility for the Mac, and the only one that allows you to schedule when to perform important tasks such...

By Macware | Added February 10, 2010


ACTGratuity 2.0 aims to be not only the most convenient tip calculator, but also the best looking one. ACTGratuity was first released...

By Houdah Software Sarl. | Added February 9, 2010

MobileNavigator North America (iPhone)

With MobileNavigator North America (iPhone) transform your iPhone into a fully functional mobile navigation system. The application...

By Navigon | Added February 8, 2010

Startup Cop Pro

The previous versions of Startup Cop made it possible for you to gain control of the Windows startup process, letting you easily enable...

By PC Magazine | Added February 8, 2010

Search for All

This fast and elegant application will help you stay on top of your web surfing and searching. Go ahead and search Google, Yahoo, Amazon,...

By Simply Useful Apps | Added February 8, 2010


The I Ching originated from ancient China. It is regarded as "a reflection of the universe in miniature" and embodies the basic understanding...

By Plusonesoft | Added February 7, 2010