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Easy to use diary for Palm OS.

By Martin Wehrle | Added August 8, 2001


Hexxagon is an implementation of the classic puzzle game which is a variant of the "Othello" game - also known as "Ataxx", "Hexxagon"...

By Foursquare Development | Added August 7, 2001

Minimize Magic

With Minimize Magic, you can run any application from an icon that sits in your system tray, which reduces the clutter in your taskbar....

By Genesoft Developments | Added August 7, 2001

Al Morale

Al Morale wants to be your virtual yes-man and lackey. This interactive cartoon sidekick gives you flattery and kudos on demand. He...

By Bodine Training Games | Added August 7, 2001


BlockHopper is a unique game that's as simple to learn as it is addictive. Give it a try; we hope you'll enjoy it!

By Lyris Technologies | Added August 6, 2001


dIRC is an IRC chat client for 32-bit Windows platforms. It includes a fully featured, customizable user interface and the ability...

By Algenta Technologies | Added August 3, 2001


This robust word search game has 3000 words arranged in 10 categories and randomly generates a different puzzle every time. An almost...

By Notions Systems | Added August 2, 2001

Personal Info Keeper

Personal Info Keeper organizes all your personal information in a convenient tree view. With a single mouse click and friendly drag-and-drop,...

By High Criteria | Added August 2, 2001

1st Calculator

This is a handy, useful expression calculator and unit converter. It includes a customized interface with skins, fast access to the...

By RomanLab Software | Added July 31, 2001


a dimensional calculator designed for architects and builders. It supports simple arithmetic on numbers, lengths, areas and volumes....

By Thomas Boeman | Added July 31, 2001


Provides a secure place in your Palm Pilot for keeping sensitive information such as computer user names, passwords, credit card account...

By Point Inception | Added July 31, 2001

Service Ticket - Monochrome

Ticket contains paperless work orders, which help service technicians keep track of information such as travel time, time in, time...

By PalmWerkz Software | Added July 31, 2001

Al Morale

Al Morale is a sanity saver. He sits in a cube on your desktop and gives you an hilarious simulation of life at the top of the pecking...

By Bodine Training Games | Added July 31, 2001

BrainSystems Wordlearn

Wordlearn will help you learn a foreign language. You can create true-or-false or fill-in-the-blank flash card tests. With the Verb...

By BrainSystems | Added July 31, 2001

Personal Best Speller for Adults

Personal Best Spelling uses an improved version of Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check to learn new words and Old Way/New Way, an award winning...

By Personal Best Systems | Added July 31, 2001