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Half-Life CPU Frenzy Map

This is a Half-Life map set inside a computer case. This map for Half-Life makes the player the size of a cockroach and places them...

By Ryan J. Horvath | Added March 1, 2004

Battlefield 1942 G.I. Joe Mod

This is v0.2 of the G.I. Joe mod for Battlefield 1942. This is v0.2 of the G.I. Joe mod for Battlefield 1942. Included are six...

By G.I. Joe Mod Team | Added March 1, 2004

Max Payne Dressed To Kill Mod

This mod for Max Payne incorporates features from some of the best mods all into one convenient file. This mod for Max Payne incorporates...

By Max Freeman | Added March 1, 2004

Star Trek: Elite Force II Data Skins

This set contains six different skins, all of Data. Data can wear his normal outfit, an Evo suit, a hazardteam uniform, an NTG uniform...

By Pandemonium | Added March 1, 2004

Quake III Arena The Regulator Map

This is a custom map for Quake III. The Regulator is a new map for Quake III Arena. This map supports bots and is available for...

By Jared Prince | Added March 1, 2004

Half-Life Day of Defeat Nippers Map Pack

This map pack contains a dozen maps for Half-Life Day of Defeat. This is a pack of a dozen custom maps for Half-Life Day of Defeat....

By NIPPER | Added March 1, 2004

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield 1.52 Patch

This incremental release fixes a wall-peeking issue and problems encountered when playing OEM or bundled versions of the game.

By UbiSoft Entertainment | Added March 1, 2004