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Achtung Spitfire 1.12 patch

This patch fixes saved game crashes, AI inconsistencies, and assorted other bugs.

By Avalon Hill | Added October 24, 2003

Air Warrior III 1.1 patch

This patch fixes various gameplay issues with Air Warrior III.

By Interactive Magic | Added October 24, 2003

Age of Sail II 1.54 beta patch

The 1.54 beta patch is primarily a multiplayer update. Please see the read-me file for details.

By TalonSoft | Added October 24, 2003

ATF Digital Audio patch

This patch fixes an audio problem in Advanced Tactical Fighters.

By Electronic Arts | Added October 24, 2003

Descent 3 custom weapons model

The latest incarnation of the original and innovative Descent published all the way back in 1995 puts the player in a similar ship...

By DCG]Roadrunner | Added October 24, 2003

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance - Polar Tundra map

This map features arctic tundra with sporadic wood cover and small hills, and a huge canyon spanned by a bridge. This map is the multiplayer...

By Microsoft | Added October 24, 2003

Age of Wonders 1.2 patch

This patch includes a number of bug fixes and additions, like hex-grid movement. Please consult the included read-me file for more...

By Gathering Horizon | Added October 24, 2003

Revolution 1.1 patch

This patch addresses a level completion problem in Confluence Point. It also fixes some problems with GameSpy.

By Activision | Added October 23, 2003

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance - Bio World map

This is a cold, lunar-like world with many mountains and a light coat of snow on the ground. It's sunny during the day, but at night...

By Maps&Mods | Added October 23, 2003