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Star Trek Elite Force II Space Pad Map

This is a fun and unique floating pads map for Star Trek: Elite Force II. This map was created by Flix to give players a new way to...

By Flix | Added February 27, 2004

The Moon Project v2.0 patch

The v2.0 update makes significant balance changes and makes The Moon Project and The Lost Souls compatible in multiplayer games.

By SSI | Added February 27, 2004

Half-Life Hive Mind

This plug-in was created to support the popular Natural Selection mod for Half-Life. Features of Hive Mind include several bug fixes,...

By MoD]Cha0s C0ntr0L | Added February 27, 2004

Max Payne Matrix Revolutions Mod

This is a beta version of a Matrix Revolutions total conversion mod for Max Payne. This mod includes new animations, a level selector,...

By TMR Team | Added February 27, 2004

Battlefield 1942 Sand Castle Map

This map places you in the African desert as a U.S. or German soldier. This map places the Allies against the Axis in a fictional battle....

By BIGMAN131307 | Added February 27, 2004

Battlefield 1942 Outskirts Desert Combat

This map is for the Desert Combat mod of Battlefield 1942. The Coalition is attacking enemy headquarters on the outskirts of Dralli...

By Vandoos | Added February 27, 2004

Battlefield 1942 VFX Stunts One

This map is designed to encourage players to attempt various flying stunts. This battlefield is designed for players who want to try...

By Team VXF | Added February 27, 2004