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Wishlists is a simple application for managing your wishes. You can add, modify and check for location.

By Dimitri Giani | Added October 17, 2007


Ever wanted to place a call to a phone service such as InfoLine but didnt know the number? Or didnt want to make a contact entry for...

By Cory Bohon | Added October 17, 2007


Wx displays detailed US weather info and maps on an iPhone or iPod touch, taking its settings from the full featured Wx weather app...

By Craig Hunter | Added October 17, 2007


The Stopwatch is a simple stopwatch application, very similar to that found on the iPod nano. It includes a lap timer and pausing...

By Kudit | Added October 17, 2007


>Get quick timetable of times and duration between two stations or all stops at a given station.

By Tremendous | Added October 17, 2007


Tap the flashing blocks while you can. If youre quick enough youll be able to reveal the background. A game of movement, skill, and...

By iGiki | Added October 17, 2007


WordBreaker is a challenging, single-player game similar to MasterMind. It features a comprehensive dictionary, from which you try...

By WordBreaker | Added October 17, 2007


Zabihah allows iPhone users to look up zabihah.com halal (meeting Muslim dietary codes) restaurant listings. Each listing includes...

By Halafire Media | Added October 17, 2007

Travelocity for iPhone

Travelocity and the Roaming Gnome bring you fast and easy access to current flight information. With the Gates and Times feature, youll...

By Sabre Holdings | Added October 17, 2007

Traffic Report

You can enter a zip code and a radius distance around this zip code to find a report of current road events in this area. The report...

By Joel Rodriguez | Added October 17, 2007


Pucker up for this colorful matching game. Tap on groups of tantalizing lips, watch the upper lips tumble down, and try to clear the...

By iGiki | Added October 17, 2007


Tap on groups of identical faces, checkout the new faces that show up, match them, and try to clear the board.

By iGiki | Added October 17, 2007

Magic iEightBall

The product mimics the same functionality of a Magic Eight Ball. You can ask your question to the ball, then rotate your device a couple...

By GiusByte | Added October 17, 2007


A spaceship under the constraints of landscape, fuel, and time. Go where no iPhoner has gone before.

By iGiki | Added October 17, 2007