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BigShipBigGun for Windows 10

Iowa,Yamato,Rodney,Bismarck...Titans vanished without being rewarded. Roar on the electronic sea once again!Before World War II, Navy...

By umaoto | Added March 1, 2018

Darts Champ for Windows 10

Like playing darts? Then step up and test your darts playing skills against players all over the world using a fun and challenging...

By TouchFirst | Added March 1, 2018

Throw Darts for Windows 10

SAVE OR KILL YOUR DOG? THAT'S A QUESTION!Your lovely dog is in a precarious position now! You can see,it's been tied to a rotating...

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

SWAT Army Assault for Windows 10

A group of terrorists have occupied the city and hijacked the citizens as hostage. As members of SWAT elite forces,your mission is...

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

Stickman Gunfire 2 for Windows 10

SOLDIERS NEVER SAY NO!You are a soldier and there's a mission you have to complete: clear all enemies in a building near the city....

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

Sniper Training for Windows 10

This is a sniper training camp and your mission is to complete the shooting task,targets are flying here and there just like those...

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

Sniper Shoot for Windows 10

This is an awesome fast paced shooting game! A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Take out all the terrorists on each...

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

Sniper Battle : Swat Combat for Windows 10

WAY TO VICTORY IS FULL OF DANGER!Your mission is to cross the enemy fire and send a message to the allies behind them,however,this...

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

Shooting the Zombies for Windows 10

ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING OUR BASE!In the suburbs of the city exists a genetic research facility called the Dive,owned by the Orange Corporation....

By Third Soul | Added March 1, 2018

2150 A.D. for Windows 10

Popular Windows Phone space shooter now comes to Windows 8!- 40+ levels (constantly added)- 10+ different types of enemy ships. Each...

By lumosoft_ | Added March 1, 2018

Protect Our Nuke (free) for Windows 10

They desperately seek our nuclear weapons and are coming hard at us with all they have. The time has come to deploy our best and ward...

By Candela Creations | Added March 1, 2018

Protect Our Base for Windows 10

It is not really about survival or even about a win. See how long you can protect the missile silos at our forward posts. The enemy...

By Candela Creations | Added March 1, 2018

Mod: Gun for Windows 10

Guns mod is a great brand new app featuring the best mods. An essential app for all mod fans.

By boogygames | Added March 1, 2018

Shoot The Pineapple for Windows 10

WARNING: YOU MUST BE 18+ TO PLAY THIS GAME.VIOLENT SCENE INCLUDED.You are a big fan of archery. One of your best friends visited you...

By minigame365 | Added March 1, 2018


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