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HLL XPL Parser

eXtensible Process Language (XPL) is structured just like XML but allows special characters in text elements. (,',",&) This provides...

By Roger F. Gay | Added June 25, 2015


It is a Perl script to parse web pages before publishing. User-defined place-holders of macros can be expanded. Invisible comments...

By tredje design | Added April 19, 2015

Prefs Editor

Mac OS X 10.8 introduced a caching system for app preferences ("cfprefsd"). While this probably increases performances for apps, it...

By Thomas Tempelmann | Added February 21, 2015

Free XML Reader

As the name suggests, the Free XML Reader is a tool that allows users to view their XML files without any glitches. It is absolutely...

By Media Freeware | Added February 2, 2015

Free XML Formatter

As the name suggests, the Free XML Formatter allows users to format their XML strings or files by changing the indentation level. There...

By Media Freeware | Added February 2, 2015

Free XML Validator

As the name suggests, the Free XML Validator is a tool which enables users to validate such files and recognize errors if any. Since...

By Media Freeware | Added February 2, 2015

Free XML Parser

All the developers across the world would agree that parsing an XML document is a very significant task. Doing it manually is not possible...

By Media Freeware | Added February 2, 2015

Free XML Viewer

There are many software professionals who require viewing certain XML files so as to get their jobs done on a daily basis. The Free...

By Media Freeware | Added February 2, 2015


XMLmotor - Automate XML data tasks, Run 1000+ tasks on a schedule. The XML browser has been tested on GB size XML files. Goal is...

By HiTek Software | Added December 28, 2014


BeyondXML is a revolutionary innovative XML editor that offers a host of new and highly useful features currently unavailable in other...

By Libra | Added December 18, 2014

AFP to XML Converter

Convert AFP reports, overlays, documents to XML. Unlike other software solutions simply rasterizing the AFP document to full-page images,...

By IPDS Printing Solutions | Added December 8, 2014

Solr Schema Editor

Solr Schema Editor provides you an easy way to edit and configure your solr schema files. You can manage all necessary settings (for...

By Daniel Seichter | Added August 20, 2014

Base 64 Encoder

Encode any image file to Base64 text for embedding within HTML files.

By Sandy Knoll Software | Added July 12, 2014

Split XML Into Multiple Files Software

This software offers a solution to users who want to split one or more XML files into smaller ones. Simply specify the tag to split...

By Sobolsoft | Added June 17, 2014